Functionalist: Sociology and Stratification

Topics: Sociology, Max Weber, Functionalism Pages: 3 (572 words) Published: January 30, 2013
It argues that social stratification is functional and it is necessary for maintaining society's stability Functionalists see inequality as good because it's "incentive" or "motivation" for people to succeed. Functionalists believed that inequality can be mitigated by the prevalence of social mobility (one can change its class to another) Davis and Moore: systems of stratification exist to ensure that the most appropriate people are selected for these roles. Moreover, because stratification is functional, it follows that it must be a permanent, inevitable and necessary fact of the way any society is constructed

* Three consensus theories offer a critical view of conflict theories of inequality. * Parsons, Based stratification is based on shared values and therefore integrate rather than divide societies. The ranking depends on consensual view of their position's importance. Power is given to those in important positions to achieve shared goals. * Davis and Moore said stratification has the function of role allocation and performance. Inequality ensures the best people perform well in the most important jobs. Evaluation (Explanations and criticisms largely from Melvin Tumin ) * Some positions are functionally more important than others. * People rarely have the natural talent to perform these tasks. * Talents to skills requires sacrifices, such as loss of earnings * Can be offset, by government or parents.

* Expectation of high pay motivates people to make these sacrifices. * Unequal regards leads to differences in prestige attached to position which then becomes the generally accepted basis of stratification. Davis and Moore could explain this at a moment in time, but actually stratification means you inherit a position and so may have better opportunities, so stratification prevents this equality of opportunity. Functionalist theories of stratification

* Functionalist sees...
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