Fun Home

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December 3, 2012
Fun Home
In Chapter Four, recreations of photographs from the author’s and her father’s pasts are emphasized. Why does Bechdel push these images so strongly in this section? Bechdel emphasizes these photographs so much in this chapter because they are the missing pieces to the puzzle in a sense. To specify, the missing pieces are the explanation for the trips they took, the nights her dad came in late, the arguments her parents had and also her sexuality meaning. Before I begin going in depth about each individual picture, let’s analyze why these pictures are so important as a whole.

In addition to the pictures being the connecting, throughout her whole life Bechdel questioned the way her father lived. Was he or was he not Homosexual? She could live with it why couldn’t he? She even thought he was just experimenting at one point. Even though her dad played the father role he wasn’t there as a father should be because he wasn’t living life the way he wanted to. Mr. Bechdel had a second life that he was living but when he got home to his reality maybe the pictures were a reminder of where he wants to be and where he has to be. He wants to be where he is most happy, but he has to be with his family in his normal life portraying the ultimate family man role. Consequently, this is why they took trips, so he could be Mr. family man and be with his lover all together.

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In clarification of Bechdel’s father living a second life, we come to the conclusion that his family trips and pictures were his common ground. Despite the fact that he still had to come back to his normal life, he also had those pictures to dwell on while he was in family mode. To go in detail, for example on page 100-101 Shortly after her dad passed, Alison had found some old family photos but one to which wasn’t a family photo. A photo of Roy, the babysitter, in just his underwear was in...

Cited: Bechdel, Alison.Fun.Home:A Family Tragicomic.Boston:Houghton.Miffin, 2007.Print
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