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1. What does the following term mean, homo sapiens? Human Beings
2. When did life originate on Earth? 4 billion years ago
3. When did homo sapiens originate? 200,000 years ago
4. What was a cloud of agglutinated dust particles similar to so many other clusters in the universe?
5. What was our Earth was like at its birth? Molten Rock
6. Why was it important for the Earth to be at the right distance from the sun-not too far, not too near? So it could conserve water in liquid form
7. How is the water cycle described? The water cycle is described as veins of the body or branches of a tree.
8. How did the ocean get salty? Water tore minerals from the rocks and gradually added them to the rivers that fed the oceans that became heavy with salt.
9. What is shared by every life-form on our planet? The sun
10. Where did life first spark into being? Hot springs
11. What fed off the Earth’s heat? Arceo bacteria
12. What organism was the first to capture sunlight as its energy source? The blue-green algae
13. How did these organisms change the destiny of our planet? They transformed the atmosphere
14. What happened to the carbon that poisoned the atmosphere? It’s still here stuck in Earth’s crust.
15. How did the organisms grow their shells? By tapping into carbon in the Earth’s atmosphere dissolved in the oceans
16. What happened to the shells of the microorganisms that died? They formed into the canyons we can now see
17. What did plant life finally do? Plants fed off the sun and broke apart the water molecule to take the oxygen.
18. Describe the Earth’s water cycle. The Earth’s water cycle is a process of constant renewal. Example: water falls, water vapor, clouds, rain, springs, oceans, rivers, glaciers.
19. Why is water called one of the most unstable of all? It takes the form of liquid

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