Full-Time Ministry

Topics: Minister, Christianity, Pastor Pages: 3 (1197 words) Published: May 7, 2013
Full-Time Ministry: What Does It Mean?
Several times I have come across the term Full-Time ministry being used on various occasions. The manner or the context in which this term has been used has forced me to pause a bit and look into what Ministry is all about. In my efforts I came across what I believe is what ministry is all about. I have also come discover that the majority of people who use the term or who are in ministry might not be fully aware of what they are referring to. Please get me right here; I do not profess to be an all-knowing guru on the subject matter. I am sure what I am about to share is an eye opener to many and we can also benefit a lot from other valuable views and contributions on the subject matter. When we look at the word ministry, it means a lifetime assignment one is given by God. It therefore, means that ministry is not something one makes up for himself out of personal desires. It is what God has enriched us with as individuals. It thus, follows that ministry is a spiritual gift infused into man by God for enlargement of mankind. Ephesians 4:12 tells us that ministry is given to people not for personal gain, but “For perfecting of the saints … for the edifying of the body of Christ.” This simply tells us that ministry is not meant to benefit the minister but the society. A minister therefore is a fruit bearer/producer, whose fruits are to be enjoyed by the community at large. Having established the fact that ministry is a lifetime assignment given by God, I cannot stop to wonder where on this planet have Christians come up with the phrase full-time/part-time ministry? A simple definition of a part-time activity means something that is done fewer hours per day or per week. My question then is; how does one become part-time on a lifetime (full-time) assignment? Christianity is a lifetime commitment and for those who are converted to it adopt a lifestyle that corresponds with what they profess. I have observed and heard a number...
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