Full-time and Successful Peoples Interviews

Topics: Full-time, Writing, Creative writing Pages: 2 (624 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Brain Storming:- Write something about an experience that changed your life. Well don’t know what to write that has a great impact in my life.Think think Don’t know cannot find anything. Blah blah.. one change is moving to usa probably a whole new transformation of my process of thinking .maybe I grow up too fast. Failing in uno has changed me ..did it I don’t know?? Started working and spending my own money took me out from being dependent to my parents. Started working at theage of 16—independent, enjoyin spending own mone, don’t have to answer anyone anymore, no permission or asking

Failing in Uno—Couldn’t went to school for 6 months, sitting home and just had a part time job, frustrated, felt like killing myself, trying to surf internet for a key of being successful, looking at all successful peoples interviews looking for an answer that might bring some changes the way my life is heading, started feeling Gods probably hates me just because I m not following His way. My failure became a burden which was becoming more and more difficult to hide from others. Cant take it anymore. Spear me please..How come others can easily finish school and start a good job where they cn say proudly that I m an engineer. Why cant me aren’t we all equal or I am just too stupid to handle a simple thing Study. Started putting blames on others because of you I fail..its because you weren’t there I was missing and I culdnt focus on my studies, I have to talk to you all night and I dint get time to study, mIssing family how can I study when my love ones are far away from me.Think Think Think stopped doing everthing , stopped meeting people out from social life for 6 month.my family is disappointed and ashamed of telling anyone that I failed. I m embarrassed to speak the truth I couldn’t pass. In English I failed the language I have been studying since my childhood. Even though bangloa is my first language but evern since I started school English was the only language I have...
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