Full Summary of the Goal

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Full Summary of The Goal
Chapter 1
The Goal by Eliyahu M. Goldratt is about a man named Alex Rogo and his quest of knowledge to make his company once again profitable. The first chapter begins with Alex coming into work only to notice someone is parked in his spot. He then realizes that the only person who would do this is Bill Peach who is the division’s vice president. Once he is in the office he finds out that Peach is there to figure out the status of the order number 41427 which is seven weeks late. Then once Rogo and Peach start talking; Peach informs Rogo that his company is loosing money. Next Peach states that he only has three months to turn the company around. Rogo then goes back to the issue at hand number 41427. Chapter 2

Rogo then heads home that afternoon to get something to eat. He meets his wife in the living room. She wants to go out to get something to eat with him, but he tells her he can’t because his problems at the plant he has to get right back. They get into an argument and she cries then he consoles her and tells her he will be back later that night. Once he gets back to the machine that he learned was down before he left he talks to someone in the plant asking if they are going to make the order and the plant worker said “maybe.” At 11 pm the order leaves the dock to be shipped they sigh in relief. He leaves work to get a bite to eat with a plant worker to celebrate. Then Rogo remembers that his plant is loosing money and contemplates why. His efficiencies are good but he can not put his finger on what is causing the problem. Chapter 3

He wakes up the next morning and has to go to a meeting that Peach has called, but will not tell anyone what it is about. On his way to the elevator he begins to talk to Nathan Selwin a co-worker. Nathan begins to tell him quietly that the whole division is going to go down if Peach doesn’t do something about it. During the meeting Rogo decides he should start paying attention so he reaches for a pen, but instead he pulls out a cigar. He doesn’t smoke anymore so he wonders where it came from, and then he remembers! Chapter 4

It was two weeks ago at the airport he recognized his old friend who was a physicist, Jonah. They begin to talk and catch up with what each other are doing these days. Rogo tells Jonah that he is a plant manager for UniCo and Jonah seems to be more interested in that. They begin to talk about the robots that were recently installed in the plant. Rogo tells Jonah that the robots have increased plant productivity, but after Jonah asks a few questions Jonah disagrees. Jonah tells Rogo he is not running as efficient of a plant as he thinks he is. Jonah tells him to think about what the goal of his plant is before he leaves. Chapter 5

Rogo is still in the meeting thinking it is a waste of time and wonders why he is still there. Rogo bails on the meeting during the break to go back to the plant, but passes it up. He instead gets food and goes sit on a hill and thinks about what Jonah told him two weeks ago. After pondering a few different things he comes to the conclusion that making money is the goal of the company. Chapter 6

Rogo finally returns to the plant at 4:30 that evening. In his office he inquires Lou the plant’s controller about the goal of the plant. Lou agrees that it is to make money. They continue to talk about the measurements that are used to tell if a company is making money. He finally realizes how late it is at work and calls his wife and they get into an argument again. Rogo finishes talking to his night time manager then heads to the house. Chapter 7

He gets home to meet his daughter still up to show him her report card which was all A’s. He puts her to bed then begins to think about the business again. He knows he only has a little time to turn things around, but he needs to know so much more. This is when he decides he needs to talk to Jonah again. Chapter 8

Once he gets to work in the morning he finds out Peach is on...
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