The Future Goals

Topics: Want, Need, Sense Pages: 1 (319 words) Published: September 9, 2013
Sometimes life is hard, especially if you’re trying to accomplish something. In my case my future goals! I think that future goals play a very important role in life. To my gold’s are my motivations in life. They make me work harder and not give up. As I get closer to them they much harder. I have three gold’s in life, and I been working so hard to accomplish this goals ever senses I was twelve years old. Ever sense then I has tried to work as harder as I can to accomplish them. My first gold is to become a doctor or something in the medical field. The reason you ask? I want to help people with any type of sickness. There a lot of people that need medical attention dally I want a make a difference on people life’s. My second gold is to own a clinic one day. Most people in America don’t have insurance and don’t seek medical attention for the same reason. I want to open a clinic for people with low resources that can’t afford to pay insurance. A clinic with low prices and payments plans, also with nice medical support. I would to love to accomplish this goal so I can help people in need. My three last goals are to travel. The idea of travelling around the world is fascinated! In the process I want to meet new interesting people. Learn about new cultures see what they like. Visit new countries and landmarks, try new foods. Along the way help orders make a small difference in some else life. This was the three future goals that I would like to accomplish. The goals that I set for myself mean a lot to me. Benign able to accomplish them would an amazing thing. I would work hard to make them happen. Making a difference on some else is what motives me.
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