Fried Chicken Inspiration

Topics: Nutrition, North Carolina, High school Pages: 2 (571 words) Published: February 26, 2013
The Fried Chicken Inspiration

Although the job I held during high school at KFC was not intellectually challenging, my experiences as an employee helped me grow and develop tremendously. From the speedy service to the aroma of the fresh biscuits, I was involved in all aspects of the operation. Instead of being intimidated by twenty five hour work weeks, competitive dance practice, and honors course assignments, my triumph created a deeper craving for knowledge that only advancing my education will satisfy. The things that have shaped me into the determined young woman who I am today include my family values, my involvement in the community, and North Carolina State University's Lisa Eberhart.

My decision to major in nutritional science is not an arduous decision, rather it developed over time through my Italian heritage; the kitchen was always occupied by my family conversing about the day while my mother made brilliant from-scratch lasagna. After working at the aforementioned KFC and becoming acquainted with the regulars, it dawned on me that I had yet to eat at a fast food restaurant as many of my customers I served did on a nightly basis. The fact that these families made such poor dietary choices inspired me. A career as a Dietician would allow me to carry out this ambition to make a difference in the community and contribute to the end of the obesity epidemic America is suffering.

Aside from working for financial gain, I sincerely enjoy donating my free-time and my talents. My mother enrolled my sisters and me into dance lessons at age three, which progressed into a competitive dance team when I was eight. Through our Platinum trophies and invitations to National competitions, the most emotive was my lyrical solo performance for residents of the Abernathy Nursing Home. Additionally, I enjoy spending my Saturday mornings volunteering and organizing goods for East Lincoln Christian Ministries. When the creative mood strikes me, I put my four years...
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