French and Indian War and It's Effect on British-Colonial Relations

Topics: United States, North America, Canada Pages: 2 (614 words) Published: September 27, 2005
The French and Indian War in the course of seven years was a trigger to many changes in the relationship between the British and American Colonies. The French and Indian War, brought many positive and negatives to the political, economic, and ideological relations between the British and the colonists. Britain's victory in the French and Indian War gave Britain much power and it became the dominant force in the North Americas but because of war debts, the colonist's loyalty to the British was deeply shaken.

The French and Indian war had an interesting effect on the colonies. The overall morale within the colonies grew much and Britain gained much loyalty from its colonies. Document C emphasizes on the loyalty to the Crown, expressed by George Washington. It is clearly evident that there was much pride amongst the settlers as well as eagerness to serve the Mother Country. Britain's victory also continued to stir up colonial pride. In Document E, Rev. Thomas Bernard goes on to praise for the colonies' "indulgent Mother." The large growth of land from the French and Indian war became an odd factor in that it raised morale, yet after awhile, it began to destroy the unity between the British and the colonies.

What first triggered the French and Indian War was the prosperous growth of both the French and the British. Prior to the F.I War, the French held a large portion of the North Americas. The French had claim land expanding across along the Mississippi River to Louisiana. As the English settlement developed and prospered, their aspiration to settle in the lands past the Appalachians grew. After the F.I War, the French had lost an enormous amount of land to the English and Spanish. This is further supported by Document A, as it shows that after a span of nine years, the French had lost all of their North American territories. The sudden expanse of land made Britain into the strongest force in the North Americas.

Because the Spanish and...
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