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The Causes and Consequences of the French and Indian War.

By tinesb1986 Dec 01, 2002 639 Words
From One War to Another

The French and Indian war, a war that had assembled the largest number of troops ever, was caused by more than a hundred years of rivalry between the two countries, had several consequences on the British Empire, and impacted the colonies greatly. When the fire of the French and Indian war was blown out, another match was dropped, starting another war.

The main causes of the French and Indian war also known as the Seven Years war, was due to the constant hostility of the two large Empires. Although peace was kept surprisingly well, at the beginning of colonization in the New World, the Ohio River brought upon a new battle. Not only the French and English wanted control of the Ohio River Valley, but the Native Americans who were living there also believed that it was rightfully their land. All held the notion that the Valley was a strategic economic location and none were willing to give it up, which led to the start of small battles. Eventually, this led up to a declaration of war from Britain to France. This caused both France and England to suddenly begin seeking friendship with the Indians in order to have them as allies.

Although the English won the war, the consequences that they faced were immense. The war had increased Britain's debt to 133 million pounds by 1763, which led to much hatred towards the colonies who were unwilling to help pay this debt. Grennville, and other men of the British Empire bestowed it upon the colonies as their duty to participate in paying the debt.. Grenville took it upon himself to impose harsh acts, such as the Sugar and Stamp act, inorder to take revenue from the colonies. This outraged many colonialists, including Patrick Henry, who at one of Virginias House of Burgesses meetings, openly protested the stamp act, and the unjust acts of the empire. Not only did the British feel that they colonies should take part in paying the debt, but they also held a feeling of resentment due to the colonists minimal of participation in helping with the army, and supplying food and clothing. The British were infuriated that the Colonies were so uncooperative, and unappreciative after all they had done for America.. This led to increased tension and unrest between the colonies and Britain.

Quite different from the repercussions of the war of the British, the colonies had very different consequences. Men like George Washington who had participated in the battle began to see that the redcoats were not as powerful as they were thought of, and that they would not always be able to serve and protect the colonies. Also, with colonialists fighting the war beside eachother, this interaction with the other twelve colonies opened the eyese of the colonies making them aware that when united together, they could become a force that could challenge the British Empire. Also the Colonies were angered by the harsh acts initiated by the British, and began to despise the Parliamentary rule. Leading other colonies and people to protest Grenvilles acts; together they held an intercolonial gathering of nine colonies, called the Stamp Act Congress, which lead to the Governors writing to the British Government of how they should be in charge of their own taxation as they saw the British system of taxation without representation as unjust and unlawful. This perception led them to increasingly doubt their loyalty to the empire and these events led to the American Revolution.

Beginning as a rivalry between the French and English which caused the Seven Years war, lead to drastic consequences of both the colonies and the British. The British Empire had a huge debt, and lost their relationship with America while the colonials began to imagine breaking free of British rule.The end of a war lead to another war.

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