Freezing Out Profits

Topics: Pricing, Decision making, Risk Pages: 2 (668 words) Published: April 18, 2013
Freezing out profits

Freezing out profits is an article that discussing on one company which is Cold Cuts Ltd (CC). The managing director for this company is Mr. Dali. It produces Singapore’s only refrigeration parts and specializing in it. He is the one that is responsible for all the decision making that need to be done in the company. CC was essentially a subcontractor of components for customers who were original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). This company not only faced competition from supplier that supply same product, but it was also on whether the customer should manufacture in-house on their own. The company developed its own product of refrigeration process technology known as Fuzzy Frost. Their product of Fuzzy Frost was exported worldwide. Two years ago, the company had a major development related to their product. They upgrade Fuzzy Frost to become Fuzzy Frost Alpha System which will enhance features in the refrigerator. One of the enhancements is, it will enable perishable items to be stored far longer than conventional fridges. At the same time on the FFA product discover, the company open its second factory in China which product old Fuzzy Frost. CC had main customer in Singapore which known as Secconz which is a local customer and long-time partner. The Supplier Manager of Secconz is Mr. Nelly where in China; the Plant Manager is Mr. Rithisak. The company export their product worldwide include Europe country. There are two major problems that were faced by the company. Firstly, the problem is in term of the pricing in Singapore, with their long-time partner, Secconz. Secondly, it is the investigation on their export activities by United States International Trade Commission on their products in China.

Decision Maker / Protagonist
The decision maker or protagonist for this case on ‘Freezing out profit’ is Mr. Dali. He is the one that is responsible for the decision making done in the company. This is because; he is managing...
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