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INSS 370 Final Exam Study Guide
Below is a study guide for your final exam. There will be a combination of true/false and multiple choice questions.

1. Who is responsible for prioritizing the product backlog?
2. What does a burn‐down chart show?
3. What are the principles outlined in the Agile Software Development Manifesto?
4. If our highest priority is to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software, in general, how can we do that?
5. In agile software processes are the highest priorities to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software?
6. What traits need to exist among the members of an agile software team?
7. In agile development is it more important to build software that meets the customers' needs today than worry about features that might be needed in the future?
8. The ____ phase of the SDLC includes four main activities: requirements modeling, data and process modeling, object modeling, and consideration of development strategies.
9. One of the main activities in the systems analysis phase is ____ modeling, which involves fact‐finding to describe the current system and identification requirements for the new system.
10. How is planning performed on projects that use Agile approaches?
11. Who should be the main judge of the business value (think of the various roles within an agile team)?
12. How should work be allocated and who should allocate the work to the team in an Agile project? 13. What are the key features that you would expect to find in an Agile project with respect to communication and documentation?
14. When handling team dynamics, how should the Agile Leader work with / approach the team? 15. What best describes the Agile approach to a team working to meet a deadline?
16. Who should attend the stand‐up meetings that are used on Agile projects?
17. The end result of an Agile development process is what

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