Frankie Stein Monologue

Topics: Federal Bureau of Investigation, Law enforcement agency, Victim / Pages: 7 (1577 words) / Published: Jan 24th, 2017
Furious, I rip months of work off my apartment wall. The yellowing paint comes off as I fling the paper across the room. I’d been on this case for so long, and yet, I was still at square one. I pace the small room trying to figure out what I was missing. There was one piece of the puzzle that just didn’t fit. I walk over to the small desk and scan through the police files. The killer used the same M.O. but nothing connected the victims. At first they were all males ranging from twenty to fifty-seven, but then his seventh, Jodie Stein, was an eighteen year old girl. This killer had a very wide victim pool which made finding him all the more aggravating.
I grab the file about the first murder, Jared Reed. He was abducted from an airport in San Antonio and found two blocks away in a construction zone, his throat was slit from ear to ear. There were no blood splatters on the ground around the dump site which
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You know where my office is so, if there’s anything I can do, just ask,” I say embarrassed. I’m about to leave the room when the agent in the black suit says, “Actually, you can. Can we borrow some police vans to check out the crime scene, and we think it would be helpful if you came with us to show us the exact spots.” “Oh, um sure,” I say flustered. “Great, let us just finish up here, and we’ll meet you outside in ten,” he says with a smile. With that he turns back to his team and starts talking about possible connections between victims. I hurry out of the room, and run to find Jordan. I finally find him by the coffee machine talking to Benny about the craziness in the station.
“Jordan, we’re going to the crime scenes grab the van. I’ll be right behind you,” I say.
Without a word he walks away toward the parking lot.
It’s obvious that he’s still mad about our earlier conversation. I look back at Benny who shrugs his shoulders and takes a sip of his coffee.
“He’ll get over it,” Benny

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