Frankenstein Versus Prometheus

Topics: Prometheus, Human, Frankenstein Pages: 2 (661 words) Published: October 8, 1999
Frankenstein Versus Prometheus

What do a god and a crazy doctor have in common? Nothing right! Wrong! In the stories Prometheus and Frankenstein the protagonists are very alike in many ways. They both tried to play god, steal, and they both get punished for what they did. In the stories Prometheus and Frankenstein the protagonists both tried to play God in their own way. They did this by trying to create their own being or race to worship them. In the story Prometheus, the protagonist Prometheus takes all the human beings under his wing and teaches them the beginning of civilization and changes their lives completely. "He grudged men all the gifts that Prometheus had given them and he was angry with Prometheus for granting to these wretched creatures of an hour the ability to shape their lives into something better and to rise their thoughts up to heaven itself." Pg.5. In the story Frankenstein, the protagonist creates a creature to worship and control. Dr. Frankenstein is trying to be a god which is why he is trying to create this new race. "I became myself capable of bestowing animation upon lifeless matter. What had been the study and desire of the wisest men since the creation of the world was now within my grasp." Pg.167. To hold their roles of playing Gods both characters in each story had to steal to get the creation they wanted, which is what they both did. Prometheus and Frankenstein both stole different things to achieve their own creations but their lack of knowledge about what they were doing was the same. To finish his own creation of the human being, Prometheus stole fire from Zeus without a doubt of what he was doing. "He took the fire from the very hearth of Zeus himself on Olympus and brought it to man concealed in the stem of a plant. Prometheus who gave men every art and every science; and finally he gave them the gift of fire." Pg.5. Dr. Frankenstein stole body parts of dead people, even without fear that he was disturbing the dead...
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