Frankenstein and Blade Runner Essay

Topics: Frankenstein, Science, Mary Shelley Pages: 3 (1036 words) Published: August 6, 2013
Despite being created in different political, social and cultural paradigms, a comparative study of Mary Shelley’s classic novel Frankenstein and Ridley Scott’s sci-fi cult film, ‘Blade Runner the Directors Cut’ reveals similar concerns and issues which are still relevant to a modern audience. Both Blade Runner and Frankenstein were written centuries apart, both being passed on Milton’s four century old epic poem, Milton’s Paradise Lost. This continuum of consideration highlights the continued significance of literature that examines ideas such as disruption and identity. By considering the commonalities and differences between the two texts, responders are able to gain an insight into the consequences of man overreaching, thus disrupting the chain of being and how technological progress and scientific development leads to a loss of identity and a collapse in the moral nature of humanity. The idea of ‘disruption’ is explored within Blade Runner and Frankenstein through the interference of the natural environment due to scientific progress. Such a conflict between nature and science within Frankenstein, stems from the contextual backdrop of the 1800 Romanticism movement, a backlash against the age of Enlightenment and its rationality through scientific experimentation. In an attempt to warn her audience of the horrifying consequences of disrupting nature, Shelley utilises a Gothic-Romanticist style, and motifs such as the sublime and soothing nature versus monstrosity as shown in the lines, “the valley that is more wonderful than the sublime”, juxtaposed with the appearance of the monster as “yellow skinned, black eyed”. Whilst Victor warns Walton to, “avoid science and discovery”, his character development, alluded to as the ‘ancient mariner’, whose hubris of overreaching the boundaries leading to his downfall is contrasted against his perfect childhood, again reiterating Shelley’s warnings about the consequences of disrupting nature. Likewise...
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