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Topics: Frankenstein, Mary Shelley, Stephen King Pages: 3 (819 words) Published: April 24, 2014
Anthony Ponders
Ms. Montalvo
English 7C
21 October 2013
Frankenstein Final Writing Assessment
Frankenstein by Mary Shelly is one of the finest expressions of a gothic novel and also fits many characteristics of a romantic novel. Gothic novels are the combination of horror and romance; also they question the mysterious, supernatural ways of science and nature. Romanticism is also seen throughout the novel. Romanticism allows this novel to be more linked to a gothic novel and to one of the major themes; nature. Shelly uses these ideas of a gothic and romantic novel to make the genre appealing, make it able to connect to other horror tales, and how she makes it fascinating to the reader.

Mary Shelly uses Gothic literature and Romanticism to reveal the true way of darkness and how horror and love really should be interpreted. Shelly utilizes Victor to embody evil, sadness, and despair. An example is found when, William is killed. “William is dead! That sweet child, who smile delighted and warmed my heart, which was so gentle, yet so gay! Victor, he is murdered!” (64). Shelly utilizes this into Victor’s character to allow him to slowly realize his mistake for trying to figure out the mysterious and supernatural forces of nature. She also uses Victor’s deep love for Elizabeth to show the romantic from the book. An example of this is “The sanity soul of Elizabeth shone like a shine-dedicated lamp in our perfect home.”(27). This is done by embodying so much despair and sadness into Victor’s character Shelly showed that he would be on the brink of death if she didn’t allow him describe his love for Elizabeth.

Frankenstein connects to many modern and contemporary horror tales today. An example of this is the Nightmare on Elm Street. They both are gothic at heart and both go into the deep supernatural ways of science and nature. An example can be found when Freddy Krueger goes into people’s mind and kills them in their dreams. This relates to when Victor...
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