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France (the French and Indian war)

By anranr Nov 11, 2013 335 Words
The population of New France at around 1750 was about 80,000 people. The French almost exclusively devoted themselves to fur trading with the Indians. This kind of trade brought the French lots of wealth, but it did not promote the settlement. France differed from Spain and England through its governmental leadership, views on women, relationships with the native Americans, and it's slavery.

In the French government, the people of New France had to voice in their government. The king, along with his officials, had total control over the people. There could be no religious toleration, which led to the excluding of the Huguenots from New France because the Huguenots did not agree on the establishment of the Catholic Church. The Huguenots decided to settle in the English colonies so they could freely practice their religion, they had more say in the government, and business and trade were less restricted. The government of New France was highly centralized. The French could carry out a plan of action pretty quickly, in contrast to the English colonies.

In France, the French treated women fairly equal. The French were not as oppressive towards women like in Spain. The French were also not as accepting and equal to women as they were in the English colonies. Women did have a voice and some rights, but they were not as liberal and free in the early 1700s.

The French established friendly relations with the Indians. The French treated them kindly and justly. French missionaries converted the indians, and French fur traders lived among them helping them in multiple ways. The French had allies with the Algonquins and Hurons. Being friends with the Indians benefitted the French very much.

The French brought in slaves in the early 18th century. The highest estimate of slaves being in France is between 4,000 to 5,000 entering and leaving the country throughout the century. The black population appeared to have never comprised more than .025% of the French's population.

The French had a big impact on the French and Indian war.

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