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By Wes-Curry Dec 27, 2014 249 Words



SEPTEMBER 30, 2013

Wesley Curry
Professor Pelosi
Introduction to Data Communication
September 30, 2013
Installing a network can be very complicated. There are many different types and ways you can wire a network. The network I’m going to describe is fairly simple and easy to install. This network is called a bus network, and will be used on a service counter, like you see at Verizon or somewhere similar.

First, you need three 10Base-2 coax cables at least 10 feet long for connecting all four computers in a row. Next eight BNC connectors are needed, two for each cable. After this four BNC T-connectors are needed for connecting the coax cables in a line. “Two 50-ohm BNC terminators are also needed, one for the first and one for the last node” (Mansfield & Antaonakos, 2010, p. 26).

To begin wiring the network, “you need to crimp a BNC connector on each end of the coax cables” (Mansfield & Antaonakos, 2010, p. 26). One end of each cable is plugged into the one side of the T-connectors lined up in a row. The other end of the cables go to the computers. The T-connectors on the each end of the row have the 50-ohm BNC terminators plugged into the far end of them to prevent signal reflections (Mansfield & Antaonakos, 2010, p. 26). Once this is complete the bus network should be operational.

Mansfield, K. C., & Antaonakos, J. L. (2010). Computer networking for LANs to WANs: Hardware, software and security. Albany, NY: Delmar Cengage

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