Foundations in Management - Emerging Organizational Forms: Work and Organization in the 21st Century

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Foundations in Management

Emerging Organizational Forms: Work and Organization in the 21st Century

We live in a dynamic world and the dynamism continues to grow. As the dynamism progresses, newer paradigms of strategy, organization and work are explored to maintain a balance and cope with the pace. The transformation of business activity, through technological development, the shorter life-cycle of business ideas and products, and the need for new skills requires new strategies and new forms of work organization. Hence, conventional ways of organizational structure and working have been challenged.

The blurring of boundaries leads to new developments in the external environment influencing the organization. The dynamism of the external environment not only affects the company at an organizational level but percolates deep to the employee level. There is constant change which leads to companies realigning their strategies for improved efficiency and efficacy. Strategies like mergers, acquisitions, downsizing and outsourcing are implemented as a result of the organization’s rethinking of its processes and products.

The talent pool of an organization has surfaced in a big way as a parameter influencing the growth and learning in an organization. The requirement of skilled manpower with diverse experiences contributes towards the flexibility and adaptability of an organization. Moving towards a knowledge economy ideas and innovation come to the core of planning and organizing work to delivering services. Technology enables one to collaborate and compete in real time facilitating the process of re-engineering and innovation.

The changes in demographic and technological forces imply shift in the way organizations work. As technology speeds up products and processes the needs of the employees change frequently. In the globalised world the demographics of nations is diversifying leading to a workforce mix of age, ethnicity and cultures.

A systems approach will help in understanding what underlies the core structure of an organization and the changes to be made in order to adapt to the changing scenario. There are advances which causes vast changes in the work life of people. These advances completely transform the nature of work and the way it is organized in today’s world. The technology innovations in the form of information, knowledge, communication, coordination, biotechnology and various other forms which are born out of the organizational needs are playing a key role in all these transformations.

We are at a very important crossroad between the standard organizational structures and managing them focusing the business in which the organizations are in, to choosing a direction where the organizations and work would be more people centric. This kind of environment would be suitable for only those who are ready to adapt with the change quickly and cautiously without unsettling the existing adaptations.

This complexity and uncertainty of change is grappling today’s management leaders with the following points worth worrying about

Ability to learn to adaptation
The structure of the organization
Skills, specially at the leadership levels
Management styles to be followed
The impact of information and technology in the organization The new styles of work to be followed
Innovation to what levels
The ways in which success can be measured

The new formula for organizing involves changes in the standard forms of jobs, organizations and/or industries. In the future, the jobs would disappear, projects ascend, and design and production would be more of a parallel process rather than being a sequential one like today. The boundaries of organizations would become more porous than what they are today, where knowledge production and usage of the same to get a sustainable advantage would be the prime motto of all.

Environment dynamics affecting work and work place

The past decade...

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