FOUN 1301 COURSE OUTLINE 2014 2015 2

Topics: Caribbean, Law, Trinidad and Tobago Pages: 10 (2321 words) Published: April 27, 2015
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Title of Course: Law, Governance, Economy and Society
Course Code : FOUN 1301
Course Provider: Faculty of Social Sciences
Level: I
When offered: Semesters I, II and III
Credits: 3
Contact hours: 36
Prerequisites: None

Course Description:
Law, Governance, Economy and Society is a multi-disciplinary course designed to offer a foundation of knowledge in the field of the social sciences, to students who would not normally be exposed to any material in this field. As the name implies, the course is divided into four modules, namely Law, Governance, Economy and Society. The course exposes students to both the historical and contemporary aspects of Caribbean society, including Caribbean legal, political and economic systems. It also exposes students to Caribbean culture and Caribbean social problems. The course will be delivered through lectures, class discussions and independent study projects. Assessment is based solely on a final examination at the end of the semester. The examination is divided into four sections and will include eight questions drawn from the overall course outline. Students will be asked to answer three questions. These questions must be drawn from individual sections and only question can be answered from any one section, e.g. sections A, B, and C, or A,B, and D or B, C, and D.

Purpose of Course:
This course is designed to prepare students to fit the profile of the UWI graduate by raising the levels of social consciousness and imbuing them with a good foundation


in the social sciences. Students will be exposed to the fundamental principles of the legal system; fundamental concepts in economics and theories of governance and workings of the political system. This course is also designed to provide students with an appreciation of the Caribbean Society in relation to social problems, music, culture and relationships.

Instructor Information: Multiple lecturers based on academic discipline specialisation.

Letter to the student:
Dear Student,
Law, Governance, Economy and Society is designed to offer a foundation of knowledge in the field of social sciences. As the name implies, the course is divided into four modules, namely Law, Governance, Economy and Society. With regard to Module 1, the Law component in FOUN 1301, the intention is to expose the student to the fundamental principles of the legal system and its working. It is not designed to prepare the student for Law School or for the pursuit of a Law degree. The making of laws and the hierarchy of the legal system together with fundamental legal principles are vital for any university student who wishes to add value to his/her degree.

Module 2, the Governance component, is designed to allow the student to understand some of the basic theories of the State and the working of the political system. Concepts that are crucial to an understanding of governance issues in the Commonwealth Caribbean are explained as well as the evolution of the political system and the challenges of constitutional reform in contemporary times. Module 3, the economics component, of FOUN1301 is designed to ensure that students gain a working knowledge of how the economy operates by providing a general framework for analysing a broad range of economic issues. It is expected that this understanding of economics, along with the economic history of the Caribbean region, will enable students to apply the information they have acquired so that they are better able to understand and analyse economic events that occur at the national, regional and international level. The study of economics is important since we all function in an economy and this component of FOUN1301 aims to prepare students to adjust to dynamic and ever-changing economic conditions and to evaluate the effect of...
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