Forfaiting & Factoring

Topics: Interest, Debt, Export Pages: 3 (980 words) Published: November 10, 2010
Forfeiting and factoring are services in international market given to an exporter or seller. Its main objective is to provide smooth cash flow to the sellers. The basic difference between the forfeiting and factoring is that forfeiting is a long term receivables (over 90 days up to 5 years) while factoring is a shorttermed receivables (within 90 days) and is more related to receivables against commodity sales. Definition of Forfeiting

The terms forfeiting is originated from a old French word ‘forfait’, which means to surrender ones right on something to someone else. In international trade, forfeiting may be defined as the purchasing of an exporter’s receivables at a discount price by paying cash. By buying these receivables, the forfeiter frees the exporter from credit and the risk of not receiving the payment from the importer. How forfeiting Works in International Trade

The exporter and importer negotiate according to the proposed export sales contract. Then the exporter approaches the forfeiter to ascertain the terms of forfeiting. After collecting the details about the importer, and other necessary documents, forfeiter estimates risk involved in it and then quotes the discount rate. The exporter then quotes a contract price to the overseas buyer by loading the discount rate and commitment fee on the sales price of the goods to be exported and sign a contract with the forfeiter. Export takes place against documents guaranteed by the importer’s bank and discounts the bill with the forfeiter and presents the same to the importer for payment on due date. Documentary Requirements

In case of Indian exporters availing forfeiting facility, the forfeiting transaction is to be reflected in the following documents associated with an export transaction in the manner suggested below: * Invoice : Forfeiting discount, commitment fees, etc. needs not be shown separately instead, these could be built into the FOB price, stated on the invoice. *...
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