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I prefer movies designed primarily to amuse and entertain. The amusing and entertaining movies can make people laugh, while the serious ones can make people think. In my opinion, I believe that we can get more benefits from entertaining movies. Children are always fascinated by funny movies, such as cartoon but I think the people who truly should watch entertaining movies are adults. They help us get a lot of fun and always have power to cheer us up. This world we live in is filled with lots of troubles and busy tasks so we often forget that there are so many amazing things around us and I think entertaining movies works very well to get relaxed when we are weary. I also think serious movies sometimes have bad influences. I agree that serious movies are effective getting opportunities to think about problems that we don’t really consider about in daily life of us and I do know it’s an advantage of that one. However, the subject matters serious movies usually have are a war, crimes, tragic and miserable accidents and so on. That means these movies often includes such as bloody violent scenes. I guess that kind of things are not always appropriate for people because sometimes these can be cause of getting nervous and feel stressed. On the other hand, entertaining movies always give you the time with happy and pleasure. Laugh is the most important for people to live positive. That’s why I recommend the amusing and entertaining movies.


Forrest Gump is a movie about the life with lots of accident and success about Forrest Gump who is a mentally deficient man. When he was a child, he was not good at studying and running. He was bullying, had no friends. One day he met a sweet girl Jenny who became the friend at first in his lifetime. They are always together until they go to college. He was good football player in when he was teenage. After he graduated college, he recruited by the army for the war in...
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