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Watership Down, Survival of the Fittest
In the story Watership Down by Richard Adams, Hazel, Fiver, and many of their friends leave their home to go find a new one, and it often gets quite interesting to see how the rabbits get out of some sticky situations. However, the movie I believe takes away some of that suspense. The movie is actually very different than the book in many ways but they are occasionally a lot alike, but in the movie there was a lot that stood out. A similarity of the book and the movie is what the Efrafa is described like and what it looks like. Like how the book said it was between the two bridle paths. I pictured the efrafa in my head and then when I saw the movie, it was a perfect match. A second similarity is the creepy felling of cowslips warren. In the movie I felt really creeped out at how weird the warren was and I felt the same way in the book. The third similarity I noticed is when Big Wig lures the fox to follow him and he runs into the Efrafa patrol. The fox ended up getting the Efrafa officer and the rabbits heard a squeal of a dying rabbit and thought it was Bigwig. One difference between the two is the stories of El-Arairah. In the book, there are more stories than there are in the movie. Like for example the story of Rowsby Woof in chapter 4. That never showed up in the movie which was kind of disappointing. Another difference is when Fiver has his visions. The visions in the movie are actually a lot more intense and thought out than the ones in the book. Like in part 1 when he has the vision of the warren getting destroyed, everything blends together and creates this really eerie feeling I never had when I was reading about the vision in the book. A third difference between the two is that the book has more detail on the characters. Like General Woundwort, in the story he seemed to be a lot more sinister than in the movie, but that could just be my opinion. He had been described a lot better. One thing that stood out to...
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