Forensic Photography

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Forensic photography is not just photography, the purpose of the pictures taken is not meant to capture the artistic ways of a crime scene. Forensic photography is a piece of evidence utilized as such in courts and investigations. The photographs taken at crime scenes must convey the information needed for others to be able to recreate the scene as if they were actually there. For this reason, there are techniques and processes in which forensic photographs must be taken. Practical one’s purpose was to expose the team to the different types of photographs that crime scene investigators take at each crime scene. The three types of photographs that were utilized consisted of overall, mid range, and close up. The purpose of an overall photograph is to show the general condition and layout of the scene. The overall photograph also shows condition of the scene before any altercations are preformed; for this reason overall photographs are preformed first. Once overall photographs were taken, the team proceeded into the mid range photographs. A mid range photograph is a close up picture of a particular piece of evidence that is framed in association with a landmark that is apparent in the overall photographs. For mid range photographs, the team photographed a piece of evidence with a marker number, in association to the other pieces of evidences surrounding it. The last photograph preformed was the close up. The close up photograph fills the frame with only the item of interest to make details on the object viewable and so the object can be examined closely in just the photograph alone. The closes up photographs that the team took were preformed with and without a scale reference.
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