forensic science module 2.6

Topics: Critical thinking, Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution, Evidence law Pages: 2 (404 words) Published: December 3, 2014
hannah matthews
october 2, 2014
module 2.06
1. Physical evidence is anything that can establish a crime has happened and anything that links the crime a criminal. Three types of physical evidence would be weapons, fibers, and hairs. 2. Three ways a crime scene can be recorded would be through photos, notes, and sketchs. The benefit of photos would be to document what the crime scene looked like and the evidence found on site. The benefit to notes would be to record the who, what, when, and where of the crime scene to figure out what happened. The benefit of sketchs would be to provide a acccurate amount of distance of where things were and a precise representation of the scene. 3. The chain of custody would be a list of all persons who had possession of the evidence during the crime investigation. Its important to have a list to track down who used the evidence to commit the crime. 4. Overview photographs show the crime scene in wide angles, intermediate photographs are closer to the evidence but show the area around the evidence, and finally close up photographs may focus on any injury, a weapon, or a piece of evidence. 5. Its important to record the crime scene to catch the perpertrator and find out what happened. critical thinking questions

1. Its important to secure the crime scene because people all around are coming to see what happened and could easily destroy evidence. The most difficult part of doing this is keeping the people back and out of range of the crime scene. 2. Photographs would be most useful to crime investigators because they can refer back to what was at the crime scene and what everything looked like and where it was. 3. Mailing would have to be the best method of submitting evidence to a crime lab beacause it could get to crime labs faster and provides a brief detail of whats in the box so they know what they are dealing with. 4. Fibers would have to be the most difficult evidence to collect beecause you dont really see...
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