Foreign Exchange Ofsjibl

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Introduction of the study

Now the world is very much competitive and the banking sector of Bangladesh has grown day by day. As a financial institution, most of the banks perform some common functions but there is some difference between conventional banking and Islamic banking. So every body has to be expert in his field in both practical knowledge and theoretical knowledge.Internship course and its report is a significant aspect in the direction of accomplishing the goal. It is a systematic process for gathering, recording and analyzing of data about the topic that a student goes to learn on the program.

The aim of this internship report is to connect practical knowledge with theoretical aspects. Being a student of BBA with major in Finance. I have completed my internship from Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited, Gulshan Branch, Dhaka.

During my internship period, I have tried my best to use the opportunity to enrich my knowledge on banking system. My findings were mostly related to the financial analysis, as I have been working under this department. Beside this, I came many other findings, which are reflected through this internship report.

Objectives of the study

The objective of the study is to gather practical knowledge regarding over all Islamic Banking system and its operations. However my targeted area is know about the details operation of Foreign Exchange on SJIBL. So I tried my best to gather practical and over all idea about Foreign Exchange on SJIBL.

The Main Objective:

To get a good understanding of over all Foreign Exchange operation of Shahjalal Islami Bank Ltd.

The Specific Objectives:

➢ To gather knowledge know about the Export Operations and evaluate the performance.

➢ To gather knowledge know about the Import Operations and evaluate the performance

➢ To gather knowledge know about the Remittance Operations and evaluate the performance

➢ To explore the problems of Foreign Exchange operation.

➢ To recommend solutions of the problems faced by SJIBL.


A method involves a process or technique in which various stages or steps of collection data/information are explained and the analytical techniques are defined. A dictionaries of social science observes, “Methodology is the systematic and logical study of the principles guiding scientific investigation”

The information that I used in this study is collected from the following sources:

➢ Primary Sources1.Information discuss and observe
2. Daily dairy 3. Practical deskwork.

➢ Secondary sources1.Various publication of SJIBL
2. Annual statements of the bank.
3. SJIBL website.
4. Different books about banking.

All this Primary and Secondary data were collected, organized, analyzed and interpreted to draw some findings.

Limitation of the study

I have tried my best to fulfill my report properly but there is some constraint during my internship period which otherwise would enabled me in making my study more appropriate and logical. The limitations were from side, the bank and as well myself.

• Foreign Exchange is too big to cover: Foreign Exchange is a too big to cover wholly in this limited scope. It required huge time and huge space to cover. So, I have covered only some important topics of credit management.

• Engaged in work: Every man of the branch was so busy in their work, so they were not able to provide sufficient care to make the internee’s clear about different topics.

• Time constraint: I had to prepare this report within a period less than three month which was not enough to prepare such a report. Because collection and...
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