Overall Banking Activities of Agrani Bank Limited, Rajshahi University Branch, Rajshahi, Bangladesh.

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1.1. Introduction:

The theoretical knowledge and practical training is not the same theme. The theoretical knowledge is fulfilled when it can be used in the practical field. The goal of internship is to apply one’s theoretical knowledge in practical fields. Thus internship is a pragmatic application of knowledge and achieving practical experience by engaging one self in different and distinct sectors of work. That is why the internship program is also included in the curriculum of MBA in University of Rajshahi, which is undertaken in different organization of the country. I have also completed my internship program at the Agrani Bank Limited, Rajshahi University Branch, Rajshahi.

I have met the Manager/ Senior Principle Officer and give my identity and the letter of the chairman of our department. He permitted my like begins. He introduced me with the Second Officer, Cashier, Computer Operator, Accounts Officer and other Officers.

There I practically observed the Overall Banking and Management system of this institution and I discussed with the different Officers about my internship. They informed me about the overall activities and financial statement of the Bank.

1.2. Concept of internship:

Internship is a process to achieve practical knowledge about some theoretical lesson. Actually internship means having a practical knowledge from a real field of work.

The part “Internship” indicates practical training in any real field where theoretical knowledge is practically applied. Internship help to become aware of how practical practice deviates from theoretical principles. Thus internship program expands both the theoretical and the practical knowledge of the participants.

Internship is a kind of practical knowledge exploring system, which is conducted with scientific Management system. The essential component of internship is examining in depth, including practical methods of analysis, overlooking strategy formulation and idea of implementation.

According to Mr. Green “Standard methods taken for searching knowledge are meant internship.”

According to Polin Efro (1977) “Social Research is such a scientific effort which tries to discover new information through some rational and organized system, which tries to examine the reliability of former information and which tries to make new theories, Systems and conceptions to understand and explain a human attitude.”

Finally we can say, to achieve the knowledge in the practical field in an organization in order to make theoretical knowledge to be more fruitful and realistic is called internship or practical training. Thus internship is a pragmatic application of knowledge and achieving practical experience by engaging one self in different and distinct sectors of work.

1.3. The Objectives of Internship:

The specific objectives of Internship are as follows:

➢ To fulfill the partial requirements of MBA program.

➢ To make the theoretical knowledge clear, exact, and fruitful.

➢ To remove the limitations of theoretical knowledge.

➢ To know how to solve managerial problem.

➢ To observe how to find out the guidelines which will remove weakness of any institutions.

➢ To implement the knowledge of practical training in the real life.

➢ To know about the relation of owner and employees, the condition of appointment, law and order situation growth of production and other facilities.

➢ To know about the method of correction of errors, formulation of co-operative and control process.

➢ Its one of the main objectives is to give participants probe knowledge, if any internee is appointed in the administration job, he can perform the Job with credit.

➢ With a view building up an internee as an able worker.

➢ Identify the problems and put forward recommendations.

➢ To...
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