foreign dignatary

Topics: Human rights, Prison, Slavery / Pages: 2 (396 words) / Published: Oct 7th, 2014
Foreign Dignitary response paper

In the story “A Foreign Dignitary”, by MacLaverty, the people without human rights are young girls. One is a dancer who was used as a sex slave. The director of prison offers it to the civil servant after the end of the dancing “she is yours for the night” (Maclaverty, 142). The other is a prisoner in the confined box. The Director of this prison looks down on punishment and tells the Foreign Dignity that punishment is old and primitive. The Director sounds like he respects the human rights of criminals. On the contrary, the ways to treat the young girls are far worse than punishment in the prison. Those girls are deprived of human rights and they live as slaves. People as innocent as young girls being treated this way is one of the worst cases of human rights violations. The director of prisons states: "the power of punishment is to silence, not to confute” (Maclaverty, 144). This is a great example to show how the director sees human rights. He believes that silencing people is the best way how to punish them, not trying to prove what wrong or right.
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Punishment” is a mirror to the harsh reality that bites the poor in the rural society. “Punishment” is unlike Rabindranath Tagore’s other stories which portray the upper class of society, its people and their lives. In this story, two brothers Chidam and Dukhiram are poor laborers who live at the bottom layer of the social ladder. Their poverty-driven life is full of cares and worries. Hunger, deprivation, exploitation and lack of peace are parts of their daily life. Under economically unfavorable circumstances driven by poverty
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