Foreign Aid

Topics: Developed country, Human Development Index, Developing country Pages: 2 (795 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Good afternoon, Madame Speaker, patient time keeper, worthy opponents, interested onlookers and my most esteemed colleague. Today my partner and I are here to debate on the topic ‘Be it resolved that countries who supply foreign aid should reallocate their resources to development at “home”. In this case, we define “home” as the countries that supply foreign aid to others, countries that instead could be investing their money into themselves and improving upon their own country. The term foreign aid refers to financial assistance that is provided on intergovernmental or international level. It involves the transfer of resources such as capital, goods and services from the donor to recipient countries. There can be varied reasons for giving foreign aid, such as economic, political, strategic as well as cultural; however the most important reason being for foreign aid is the augmenting of economic development of the recipient country. These recipient countries are those who are less developed, and are characterized by low income and unemployment thus resulting in low savings and investment. Therefore, capital stock is small in these countries, while population growth is comparatively high. These countries decide to turn to richer countries for external help and are provided with foreign aid. Now, as the pro side, we are here today to prove that the resolution must and will stand. I would like to focus on two points, the first one being the usage of foreign aid. Foreign aid is generated by federal taxes, basically money taken from the general household. I am sure anyone can say that in especially Canada, taxes are way too high. The numbers actually work out to an average of 42% of a family’s income going to various taxes. This foreign aid is definitely a burden to taxpayers, as it means that even more money is needed to be taken away from us, and not to improve anything in our country, anything affecting our lives, anything around...
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