Ford Motor Company: a Domestic and Global Company

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Ford Motor Company: A Domestic and Global Company
External factors have effects on many companies operations inside the United States and in other countries. These factors are usually out of the company’s control which are managed as well as the company’s ability can handle. The environmental factors influencing Ford Motor Company’s marketing strategies and decisions are discussed in this paper. Domestic and global environmental issues in culture, demographics, technology, and the physical infrastructure will be covered and discussed. Economic global interdependence, trade practices and agreements are analyzed and identified affecting the marketing decisions of Ford Motor Company.

The impact of technology affects Ford Motor Company’s strategies in marketing. Social responsibility and ethics are an important factor Ford believes is important regarding the company’s marketing decisions. These issues compose of many environmental factors Ford had to attack and overcome from the beginning. A global leader in the automobile industry, Ford needed to consider major environmental issues that included technological, political, trade practices, and agreement, etc.

As Ford moved through its growth stage, overcoming environmental factors were common battle. When Ford decided to take the company global, it had external issues to deal with when it came to creating a marketing strategy to move in that direction. It had to consider its competitors prices and strategies, target customers demands, the global economy, and actions of each country’s governments, also known as environmental factors (Armstrong & Kotler, 2009). The decision-makers in charge of marketing at a company should recognize threats and opportunities. The demographics of Ford’s target customer are the middle-class in every country.

Global marketing is a challenging concept. Russia, China, and India are in the middle of a very large economic growth period. With this growth, Ford saw...

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