Food Inc

Topics: Social sciences, Sociology, Fields of science Pages: 1 (425 words) Published: February 27, 2013
This is a minor project, 1-2 pages long and worth 5 grade points. It is due Thursday, February 28. Our subject is the documentary film Food, Inc. We are viewing this as a social science document – that is, a film with some sort of social science agenda. It is trying to convince us about certain things concerning the way food is produced, distributed, marketed, and eaten in the U.S. It is therefore an argumentative film that wants to persuade us. As reviewers, our job is to determine how well the movie is doing its job. In a short paper like this you cannot cover everything that is in the movie; you will have to select and focus. You may choose a theme that runs throughout the movie (such as the extent to which food companies determine national policy), or you may focus on one or two specific “chapters” in the movie. Identify the social science in the theme or the chapter. For this project, we will consider business and its related fields (marketing, advertising, etc.) as social sciences, along with anthropology, economics, political science, psychology, education, etc. The technical aspects of such topics as nutrition, food science, genetic engineering, and agriculture are not to be considered social science, except insofar as they impact on a social science field of study. Construct your review like this:

1. Introduce the movie and identify the specific scene or scenes you want to talk about. What social science is involved here? 2. Review this part of the movie briefly in terms of what happens and what we are shown. You may assume that your reader has seen the movie. 3. Analyze the segment. What is the movie trying to convince us of? What means does it use to convince us? Is there solid evidence? (What kind?)? Does the movie appeal to our emotions? (How?) Does it do both? Refer here to specific details from the movie. What were we shown? What was said? 4. Evaluate this part of the movie. How successful is it in doing its job? In your opinion, is the movie...
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