Food has become easier to prepare.

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Food has become easier to prepare.
We live in century when everybody has device:"The time is Gold".We always work,rush and have busy life.So that's why the fast food is the best choise for men,who don't want to waste their time with waiting for preparing something to eat.And it concern that kind of people who eats for living,not lives for eating!We can find fast food in some caffe,restaurants or in other such kind of places,where people heat just for satisfaction feelings of hunger as quick as possible.Altought there are a lot of packed and freezed food in markets which are bought for quick preparation by people who always come home very late and tired,after hard day.
But as we all know fast food has negativities too.First of all ,this is a junk food and if we pay our attention on it from medical side,we will notice that it is very uselessly and harmfully for health.Because junk food contain conservators,artificial additionals and a lot of other chemical structures,what destroy our organism.We are enough informed about it,but as always we choose easy way for solving problems,even if it concern our health.
I would like to say about me as example for this topic .I am a student.I have full schedule.From early morning till the evening I have to be outside.I don't have chance to go home for eating because I live very far from my university.I am trying to have breakfast and supper at home,but in time for dinner don't have other way as eating fast food with friends in caffe or in university canteen.So I agree with opinion,that this change has improved the way people live.
In conclusion I would add something for this issue in form of advice to people:"Let's use fast food only of necessity.Don't prefer junk food to fresh home-made meal,for beeing strong and healthy,for having energy to work and to go on!

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