Food And Beverage Service For Hospitality Event Analysis

Topics: Management, Quality control, Security Pages: 4 (911 words) Published: February 3, 2016

Task 4
Example of food and beverage services for hospitality events
Preparations for a food and beverage service for a hospitality event within an agreed budget
A menu in earlier point has been completed. At the moment it should prepare with caring budget in mind:
Food menu
Pizza with souse $ 5.
Beef with mushroom, French fry $ 6.
Corn soup and vegetable salad $ 3.
Fruit salad, bit fry $ 7
Coffee $ 1
Wine $ 7
Mix frits juice $1
Pie $ 2
Chock let cake $ 2
This was agreed plan budget menu for the previous menu.
In the event that held in the weather spoon, menu planning can be turn into a budget one, which can generate the business success as well as it will make the weather spoon role as future growth and development...

And so for this event high quality control is being ensured. Quality controls are ensured by being attentive in service and making fresh food. Food will be perfectly washed and suitable for eating. And it will be plate in fresh dish. Also the menu will be healthy, full with nutritious fact
And a preferred standard means a combination of facility like timely service, well decorated food, and food with perfect temperature and food as it is being demanded. And this will be insured by a well trained human resource that will work on that occasion. Their fine manners, fine smile will turn people happy and that will maintain standard of the planned event (Pizam & Ellis 1999).
Safety and security is another vital element of event. People who comes to an event wants to b e safe. They like to stay secure and it has to be provided by the planner so a security service will work 24/7 to ensure the security of the event.
The role weather spoon wants; the development and growth of current market by targeting proper customer can be possible by performing safety, security issues in the planning process. As the future wants the weather spoon growth with time so a new direction is possible by this way.
Factors that will determine the success of the service, making recommendations for improvement for the...

So more punctual one are the better service one will provide to ones customer (Trienekens & Zuurbier 2008).
Now the recommendations:
Be attentive in job one is doing
Be cost efficient
Maximum use of resource
Take skillful workers
Control quality of food
Serve food with smile
Give all customer importance.
Make tasty food
Price the food in sound mind
If the following things can be done than service will improve to a greater extent.

Weather spoon wants to be enlarging its business and make in better one so this recommendation will be perfect one for the weather spoon new range of activities in future direction.
At last we can say that food and beverage is a industry that is unique nature. It has so much fact and features that makes it a very tough business. It is a business that has filled of exigent prospect. From the different way to produce the food to factors that determines its success, makes it a complete industry. a industry like this is a great attraction for many but not all can get the success But to gain those success one has to be packed with traits. And to be a celebrity in food business and to get the unique opportunity one has to be well trained, well organized and well...
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