Food and Beverage Sector

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Today, hospitality industry is among the sectors that have a greater opportunity to grow and expand due to the changing consumer needs. However, no matter the opportunity it has, there are also challenges accompanied to it in that it has to keep on changing its products and services as well. It is arguably so that meeting the changing consumer needs is not an easy task at all. It is a situation that challenges the entire functions of the hospitality industry, think of its human resources, finance department, marketing and advertising, legal function and even its board of directors. The mention of these departmental functions is not in vain since it will help this study develop a comprehensive management control plan later on. Moreover, this study will aim to discuss the current trends within the UK food and beverage sector and analyse the contemporary management control techniques deployed in a chosen branded hospitality company.

Food and Beverage Operations
This section will offer an overview on food and beverage operations. As such, it will present to the reader certain elements of food and beverage operations that any hospitality industry should take into consideration and more so, the ethical considerations therein. Whenever one thinks of food and beverage what comes into mind are the physiological needs of the population. In fact, hospitality industry is among those sectors that directly affect the fundamental needs of the consumers. From this assertion it can be argued further that failure to produce quality and standard products in this area affects the fundamental needs of the consumers. This is very important to note especially when considering the best management control technique to be applied. It is clear that such controls must safeguard the consumers’ interests not only economically but also health wise. This will be elaborated further in the subsequent sections. As mentioned, most hospitality industry have either lost good clients or even closed down their business due to the fact that they failed to safeguard the consumers against certain health issues and standards. Obesity as a disease has been attributed to the operations of the hospitality industry and this has yielded a lot of controversies in the sector. This is what this study means by ethical considerations. Yes, an argument that a hospitality industry has failed to mitigate obesity through its products is not a financial issue or marketing issue or human resource issue; although it affects them in a one way or another it is essentially an ethical viewpoint. It touches on the ethical sphere of the industry so to speak. In the global context, obesity continues to pose great health problems to many people, there is growing number of patients and its severity is also spreading rapidly (WHO 2009). The report released by WHO (2009) further indicates that people who die due to overweight or obesity are estimated to be three million. In this regard, most legal practitioners and other health groups attribute the problem to the consumption of certain products in the hospitality industry (EIRiS 2006). It is also believed that this issue has turned into a serious business concern due to the fact that the problem has been attributed to the use of various food and beverage products with obesity (EIRiS 2006). The major risks identified have been attributed to the changing regulatory environment, litigation and resistance exhibited by the consumers. It is also very important to note that industries dealing with food and beverages risk jeopardizing their sales everyday. This reminds the reader of what was mentioned earlier in that ethical considerations may not be a financial issue or marketing and advertising issue but somewhere a long the way it will impact on each of these departments very badly. Once the consumers lose loyalty with a certain product the chances are that they will move away from it. In this case how will the industry make...
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