Folk Fair Festival

Topics: Ritual, India, Tribe Pages: 3 (1183 words) Published: June 2, 2013
Festivals in Jharkhand

Sarhul is a festival where Shaal tree and leaves play an important role. Sarhul is celebrated during the spring season when the Shaal trees get new leaves. Shaal flowers are brought to saran sthal (the sacred place) and pahan propitiates the Gods. The priest is called Pahan and he distributes shaal flowers to every villager. The shaal flowers represent the brotherhood and friendship among villagers. It is believed that the earth becomes fertile after this festival as such sowing is taken up. Santhals, the largest community in Jharkhand, celebrates the same festival as the festival of flowers and calls it Baha. Besides sal, mahua flowers are also used as an important item for the rituals. Santhals celebrate Sohrai with grand festivity. It is preceded by Dansi. Dansi coincides with Durga Puja while Sohrai is celebrated immediately after Diwali or Kali Puja. Dansi is a dance festival, though not an elaborate ritual function. A small ritualistic act is observed before the dance begins at akhara. Sohrai is known for the care of domestic animals such as cows and buffaloes. Since these animals are significant in an agricultural society, taking proper care and welfare of them form important ritual of Sohrai. It is celebrated immediately after diwali, on the new moon day. In the evening, earthen lamps are lighted. The next day the cattle are washed, vermilion mixed with oil is put on the cattle and they are garlanded. The festivities include such games as bull fights. Karma is another festival in Jharkhand that has a close link with nature. Karam Devta, the God of Power, youth and youthfulness is worshipped during the festival. The festival is held on the 11th day of the phases of moon in the Bhadra month. Young girls celebrate this festival for the welfare of their brothers. This ritual is known as jawa. This is held mainly in expectation of good fertility and better household. The unmarried girls decorate a small basket with germinating seeds....
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