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Flood: Rain and Lush Green Field

By bingloo Mar 01, 2011 435 Words
It was the monsoon season during the November holidays last year. It commonly rained then and the air was as fresh as a daisy. We stayed indoors frequently, except when the weather was breezy so that we could play outdoor activities such as flying kites, playing soccer in the lush green field and sometimes just enjoying the cool breeze which had blown past us. One night, my family and I went to bed earlier than usual as it was raining cats and dogs outside. We could not do much about the storm and decided to get adequate rest to start a new day the next morning. When we were all unconsciously in our deep sleep, we were awakened by loud noises of gushing water. When we regained full consciousness to open up our heavy eye lids, we were shocked to see ourselves floating on water as well as being soaked up till our waist. We tried to salvage whatever we could grab in the nick of time. My father quickly wrapped all the valuable items in blanket and slung it over his shoulder. We swam out of our house and climbed to the rooftop to avoid being washed away in the surging flow of flood waters which turned our village into a gigantic fast flowing river. It was a terrible sight that the water rose up so quickly to the rooftop. My family and the other flood victims were stranded on rooftops and all of us wore on a sad and disappointing expression. What’s more, we had to see our own homes being submerged in water and uprooted trees being swept away like a broom by the dangerous water. Fortunately, the rescue team came to offer help and brought us to safer ground. We were located in a temporary relief centre until the flood had subsided. It was not very comfortable in the centre, but it was sufficient. Thank God none of our lives were taken away by the perilous fold water. We sat together, closely to keep ourselves warmer although blankets were given to us. High protein biscuits were also served to replace rice as our main meals. It was miserable to be homeless. Some victims sat together and whispered in low voices, complaining and expressing their woe. After five days, when the water had receded, we returned to our territories. Although we were left with only four walls without a roof, we were relieved. We had a tough time cleaning and washing out house which was covered in silt and debris. I hope this will never happen again ain the future.

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