Five Strengths

Topics: Management, Goal, Thought Pages: 1 (281 words) Published: November 9, 2008
The five most significant strengths’ would be setting goals, managing time, critical thinking, reading and writing. I think that these five skills are the most important for the successful graduation from college and, these are the skills that I will be focusing on improving.

The first strength on my list is Proper goal setting because is what starts the process. Success comes from setting short term goals that eventually lead to a bigger long term goal for example, a freshman students setting his long term goal to be the successful graduation of college. To successfully graduate college the student needs to set short term goals that help him along the way. I will not graduate if I do not understand the importance of effective time management. People who properly manage time have a great advantage over those who do not. The student who allocates sufficient time for his studies in order to complete his or her work will always surpass the student who leaves everything for the last minute.

To have a more critical mind will increase the meaning and understanding in any subject. I started recently questioning everything I read and looking for the answers as I read on; It truly has help me in understanding the material. I will try to be ever more critical on every thing I read for I believe it would make me a better learner.

Above average reading and writing skills is what is going set me apart from my peers. To always improve in these two skills is my ultimate goal. With my long term goal being to get a degree; I will have dedicate time to improve on my reading and writing
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