Fit Think

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Fit Think
Being healthy is not only a mindset, but also a way of life. People use diets and exercise as self-esteem boosters and stress relievers. As a Fit Thinker, dieting and exercising is a required part of daily life. Being fit is not a matter of eating healthy on occasion, or making a trip to the gym when you are having a bad day, but a matter of dedicating your life to being an all around healthy individual all of the time. Fit Thinkers do not become angry with themselves for responding to daily life in the ways they normally would, but instead they think positively about their desire to have a healthier mindset. Having the mindset of Fit Think requires waking up every day and asking yourself why you want to be more in shape, and having good enough reasons to keep you motivated to become an all around more in shape individual no matter how hard it may be at times. A Fit Thinker is constantly of the mindset “mind over matter”, and they know that temptation can be deadly to a healthy lifestyle.

Although the stress of every day life makes it extremely difficult to lead a healthy lifestyle, Fit Thinkers are strong and dedicated enough to make it through these challenges. Driving by fast food restaurants, watching friends eat fried and sweet foods, and having to go to the gym for hours on end every day are only a few of the challenges Fit Thinkers face. The ability to resist temptation is a quality that most people do not have, but Fit Thinkers value their appearance and self-esteem more than temporary highs that come with indulging in guilty pleasures. During my observation at one of the dining halls at East Carolina University, I watched the dedicated and in shape students choose a healthy sandwich with fruit and vegetables or a salad or ceaser wrap over a fried chicken sandwich, a hamburger or a cheesesteak with French fries.

Fit Thinkers view their lifestyle as more of a job, not a hobby. They are not allowed to take days off or have people cover their shifts. Fit Think is an every day commitment, and if a day is missed, Fit Thinkers know that it cannot be made up. At a professional place of employment, you cannot choose to just quit for a day and then expect to get your job back the next. Fit Thinkers know that if they choose to quit even for a day, they run the risk of falling behind and possibly becoming stuck in the mindset that it is acceptable to just give up.

A healthy diet is an extremely large and important part of a Fit Thinkers life. Being stared in the eyes by a huge ice cream sundae a friend may be eating and being able to resist taking a taste is a huge challenge but worth it in the end. A necessary part of Fit Thinking is to pay acute attention to how you feel during and after indulging in unhealthy food. Although it may be a delicious and guilty pleasure for the seconds you can taste it, the price that is paid while feeling regret and negativity after indulging is not worth it. Fit Thinkers have the mindset that food is simply fuel, not something that is meant to be a guilty pleasure or to be enjoyed. Sweets and unhealthy foods can be rewards for a good month of working out and staying strong, but are not meant to be enjoyed daily. By indulging in unhealthy foods frequently, their value is decreased and therefore no longer appreciated.

Not only is eating healthy a necessity for Fit Think, but so is exercise. Fit Thinkers do not treat exercise as a chore, but something that is done for the own personal good and benefit. When exercise is approached as a chore, it seldom gets accomplished. Through the many observations I made while at the East Carolina University gym, I noticed that the inexperienced and not committed students at the gym just stood around and did not have routines, and I quickly realized how easy it is to pick out the people who are truly dedicated to achieving a goal while working out. Fit Thinkers have come to the realization and transformed the idea of exercise into...
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