Fish Farming. Economic Boon?

Topics: Salmon, Aquaculture, Fish farming Pages: 2 (343 words) Published: April 9, 2011

Fish Farming, Beneficial or Harmful?
February 7, 2010 Julian Ergas

Fish farming is an Industry that comprises the cultivation of fish in governed systems with the intentions of use for commericial, recreation, or resource management purposes. In fish farms, the fish are protected, cared for, and fed with the objective of increasing the value and the magnitude of the fish. Fish farming initially began to appear in British Columbia during the 1970’s with small, locally owned operations throughout the sunshine coast. In today’s date, A highly debated topic in British Columbia is whether fish farm provides benefits for the economy, or if I could lead to disaster.

Whether Fish faming will contribute to advancing or economy in British Columbia, or whether it will be a factor disrupting benefits will be the subject of my essay. I will argue that Fish farming contains Economical benefits and is mandatory for the development of British Columbia. As well as being Job producing, Fish farming preserves Natural Ecosystems, is highly benefitting for supply and demands, and obtains many health benefits. While many people are skeptical about proceeding with fish farming, it has not been proven yet that fish farming contains a downbeat effect; knowing this, without fish farming in our society, it could lead to a concerning economy in the future.

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