Canadian Salmon Farming Speech Assignment

Topics: Aquaculture, Salmon, Fish farming Pages: 3 (926 words) Published: September 16, 2013
~Salmon Farming Speech- AAA Spokesperson~
My name is Richard Harry, spokesman and representative of the Aboriginal Aquaculture Association. For almost ten years now, the AAA has been standing here alongside you, brothers and sisters, and today is no different. We are not here to judge you, or to hurt you; but on the contrary, to support and facilitate the Native people in this time of doubt. There IS something being done about your objections; and the AAA is always here to speak your voices. Salmon farming is not a problem, and should be allowed to continue. First off, farms will not and do not harm our beloved land. While many of you out there disagree, salmon farming is a very environmentally sustainable trade. Harm caused by the farms is much less than what these people tell you; both the government and the AAA constantly monitor the production of our salmon; any breach of our rigorous federal, provincial, and international environmental standards, will result in termination of the operation. We make sure environmental risks are documented, communicated, and understood by the organization and is contractors. We have been working hard to push farms to improve their policies. Based on the interests and values of the native peoples’, we have created the Aboriginal Principles for Sustainable Aquaculture, ASPA, so that our standards are met as well. All organizations producing salmon will respect and recognize any Aboriginals that are affected. If any locals want a say, they can form First Nations Aquaculture Advisory Committees, so that they can represent themselves; if there is anything that you are unhappy about, just speak your mind, and we will make sure that companies will consider your justifications. We also make sure every ASPA approved organization sticks to their environmental responsibilities. Mutual commitment and respect will be given to any land used by the industry. Problems such as salmon escapes will become a thing of the past....
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