First Peoples, Populating the Planet (to 10,000 B.C.E.)

Topics: Stone Age, Neolithic, Paleolithic Pages: 2 (509 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Essay for Chapter One: First Peoples, Populating the planet (to 10,000 b.c.e.)

The Paleolithic Era is a significant time to the world’s history. The reason the Paleolithic era is so important to the world’s history is that it fills in many gaps in history. It tells one, how people moved from one place to the rest of the world. How it was that the nomadic people survived by gathering food /berries and hunting animals. It also helps humans understand the different stone tools nomadic people used to protect themselves and how it was that these people killed their food. Many people wonder what happened 10,000 years ago. How did these people live? Did they have rulers or were they free to do as they wished? Societies differed from each other in many ways. For example, in one society women are seen inferior (meaning weak, given light jobs, and are even abused.) Some people that abused of their wives were the Ju/’hoansi men. This may seem to some people as male dominance. When reading about these people one can infer that these people have no leaders, but even if they did they would not be women. Verses the Chumash people who had one high chief, a male, and yet all the villages had their own rulers, among them one would find women. Yet, these people still had a few things in common. An example would be they would hunt animals and gather berries, roots, and nuts. Through out this chapter I believe there were many reliable statements. Such as dates that were not so far spread, quotes, or when a list was give of tools and food people had. Though there were reliable statement there were some that were not. The statements that I did not believe were reliable had words like: such as, suggest, maybe, and we do not know for sure. A statement that had the phrase we do not know for sure is good for thought but it is not really need, as we know nothing about it. In today’s world must say we cannot give a fair answer when asked how we evaluate the Paleolithic Era. We are...
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