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First law commission

By nishffe Aug 27, 2014 320 Words

Indian Legal and Constitutional History CIA 3

-Law Commissions of India-
-Between 1834 and 1947-

The Law Commission
An overview

Reforming the Law For Maximising Justice in Society and Promoting Good Governance under the Rule of Law. -Motto of the Law Commission of India

The law commission of India is an executive body of experts in the field of law established by the government of India. Its function is to work for legal reform.

The first Law Commission was established during the British regime in 1834 under The Charter Act of 1833. It was enacted under the chairmanship of Lord Macaulay. It suggested various enactments which are still in force in India.

First Law commission of India
The first law commission’s most important recommendations were those regarding the Indian penal code. The IPC which is still in force in India today was conceptualized in 1837 but enacted in 1860. It was not enforced in the princely states which had their own legal systems until the 1940s. Its basis was the law of England but also drew influences from the Napoleonic code and from Edward Livingstone’s Louisiana Civil Code. The first draft was submitted to the governor general in 1837, but the draft was again revised They also formulated the criminal procedure code which is also still in force in India. The other significant reports made by the first law commission in india are such :-

No. of the ReportSubjectDate of Presentation
1.Liability of the State in Tort.11. 5. 1956
2.Parliamentary Legislation relating to Sales Tax.2. 7. 1956 3.Limitation Act, 190821. 7. 56
4.On the proposal that High Courts should sit in Benches at different places in a State1. 8. 56 5.British Statutes Applicable to India.11. 5. 57
6.Registration Act, 190813. 7. 57
7.Partnership Act, 193213. 7. 57
8.Sale of Goods Act, 19301. 3. 58
9.Specific Relief Act, 187719. 7. 58
10Law of Acquisition and Requisitioning of Land.26. 9. 58
11Negotiable Instruments Act, 188126. 9. 58
12Income-Tax Act, 192226. 9. 58
13Contract Act, 187226. 9. 58
14Reform of Judicial Administration16. 9. 58

They also worked on Lox Loci which spoke about the role and authority of british law in india

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