First Ladies of the United States of America

Topics: First Lady of the United States, White House, President of the United States Pages: 2 (739 words) Published: April 26, 2009
The Manuscript Collection of the First Lady Allison Cogdill History 202 November 6, 2008 Prof. Fairey Allison Cogdill First Ladies of the United States of America First Ladies have played both a private and public part in shaping this unique country. Many people tend to forget what vital role these women play in helping to run this country. There is a lack of resources dedicated to these women that helped change America from not only helping their husbands address speeches but to setting fashion trends. provides information on all the First Ladies. There is so much information that allows researchers to peruse through and gather information on each lady. The site provides not only their biography but also all their manuscripts and where to find them. Each First Lady contributed to society with a special touch. Many of them found ways to help. Betty Ford spoke out on important issues of abortion, E.R.A, and the importance of women in politics. She once worked as a professional dancer with the Martha Graham Company. Because of experiences in her own life, she shed new light upon others. Her openness on breast cancer gave women a new awareness of the need for breast exams and early treatment. She was a First Lady who was in touch with the times. By admitting her own weaknesses, she made her messages even more valuable. She also founded an alcohol and drug treatment center in California that bears her name. Laura Bush is actively involved with issues of national and global concern. She listens to the concerns of young people, parents, and community leaders throughout the country and draws attention to programs that help children avoid risky behaviors like drug and alcohol use, early sexual activity, and violence. She also supports education campaigns for breast cancer and heart disease. Mrs. Bush educated women about their risks and emphasizes the importance of healthy eating, exercising, and health screenings. She strives hard to create...
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