Abigail Adams

Topics: Abigail Adams, Education, John Adams Pages: 2 (558 words) Published: January 17, 2014
Abigail Adams was a important figure during the late 1700’s and early 1800’s. She helped start ideas about the equality among women. She was born November 11th 1744 in a time when women had poor educations. As she grew older, she became interested in more than just the basic “roles” of women. Abigail Adams made many contributions to the United States.

Abigail Adams grew up like mot girls in her time. Abigail Adams, born Abigail Smith was born on November 11th, 1744 in Weymouth, Massachusetts (Abigail 1). Her parents were William Smith and Elizabeth Quincy (First 1). She was born second out of her four siblings (First 1). Like many other women in this time, she lacked a formal education (First 2). Despite this, she read and tried to learn as much as she could (First 2). By educating herself, she created a bond with John Adams (Black 1). Because of this, she soon created a love connection with John. Abigail and John were married in 1764, Abigail at the age of 19 and John 29 (Osborne 25). They had five children together, two daughters and three sons (black 1). For the most part, Abigail had a relatively normal life until John became so involved in politics.

Abigail Adams had many accomplishments during her lifetime. Abigail assumed many roles and had an amazing amount of accomplishments at home while John was away. She took on jobs that the husband would usually do (Osborne 53). She became an accountant for the family’s finances, a teacher, famer, hostess, and nurse (Osborne70). She also had a few major political accomplishments. John Adams was elected president in 1797 and that is when she became first lady (Abigail 1). Due to her husband’s accomplishment, she also made one, she was the first women to live in the white house (First 3). In many of her accomplishments, she was the first to do something. In 1848, 30 years after her death, one of her grandsons organized for a few of her now famous letters to be published. This book was the...
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