Abigail Adams

Topics: John Adams, Quincy, Massachusetts, John Quincy Adams Pages: 4 (1476 words) Published: November 13, 2013
Nicholas Durkin
Professor Robson
US History to 1877
20 September 2009
Abigail Adams
The life of Abigail Adams is truly an amazing story. Her will to support her husband, children, friends and extended family is what makes this woman an important person in our nations past. Mrs. Adams touched the lives of many people with her caring, loyal and understanding personality which is apparent throughout her entire life. Being the wife of John Adams was no easy task. Over the course of John and Abigail’s marriage, John traveled all over the United States and Europe as a Lawyer, Commissioner, Statesman, Delegate, Ambassador, Vice president and most importantly President from 1797-1801.The couples letters from one another concerning politics, family and unconditional love are main reasons for why this couple lasted through long and frequent separations. With much power for most of his later life, John always viewed the opinion of Abigail. When in congress and in the writing of the Code of laws, John often brought up her ideas. Abigail was a strong believer for human rights, concerning women, both married and unmarried, and slavery.

As a child Abigail faced sickness which lasted most of her adolescent life. Enabling her from proper schooling, Abigail took an interest in the large library of which her uncle and grandfather had started. Abigail grew fond of the English and French literature and taught herself how to read. With Harvard the main University for continuing education in the sciences and not allowing women to enroll, Abigail never had her chance to continue her education. This is where her first argument of unequal education comes into play. At the time when most men were to attend college, girls were expected to learn the ways of becoming a mother and girls were frowned upon for continuing their education, for they didn’t have any important positions in government. As a mother Abigail put much work into give her children a proper education. Unequal...
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