First class presentation

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First Class Presentation

“Instructional strategy is the overall plan for a teaching–learning experience that involves the use of one or several methods of instruction to achieve the desired learning outcomes” (Bastable et al., 2011, p. 420). Instructional method is the way the teacher teaches materials and the learner receives the information. As a teacher, the selection of methods depends on what I want to teach, who is being taught, and the expected level of competence. Instructional design is a systematic way to develop instructional materials that are structured well by using teaching strategies, objectives, feedbacks, and evaluations. It can also be well-defined as the scientific way to create detail oriented conditions for the design, evaluation, development, and maintenance of instructional material which facilitates performance and learning. Instructional design consists of observing, creating a hypothesis, designing an experiment, collecting data, planning, and evaluating the results. All instructional methods and instructional design models are important, but the methods I would use in the classroom are lecture, group discussion, one-to-one instruction, gaming, and self-instruction; the models are ADDIE Model, Kemp’s Instructional Design Model, Dick and Carey Model, and Merrill's First Principles of Instruction.

Cost Effective
Targets large groups
Good for cognitive learning
Helpful for handout materials
Shows patterns, focus on main ideas, and summarize data
Not individualized
Instructor centered
Everyone receive the same info regardless of differences in learning needs, stages, and cognitive abilities Uses
Use an open summary
Present key terms
Offer examples
Use analogies
Use visual backups (Bastable et al., 2011)

Group Discussion
Stimulates sharing ideas, emotions, and experiences
Good for affective and cognitive learning
Learner and...
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