First Aid

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Part One
# - Assessment Task: PEFAP 001 Paediatric Emergency First Aid

(1.1) Identified the responsibilities a of a paediatric first aider. The responsibilities of a paediatric first aider is to make sure that every person you attend to you have to make sure that you have comforted the individual, making sure that they are as calm as possible. This is to ensure that you can treat that individual as best as you can, it is important to act quickly and efficiently as possible. (1.2) Describe how to minimise the risk of infection to self and others

The first thing you should do to minimise risk of infection to yourself is to wear new clean gloves as this stops any skin to skin hand contact with the individual. It is important to that when treating lacerations that they are washed with sterile water, minimising infection for the individual. It is important to make sure that all equipment you use is sterile and has come out of its original packaging which again should be clean, such as bandages, again minimising infection risks. When having to go CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) it is possible to use a plastic mouth guard, stopping again any skin to skin contact. The mouth guard can be used when an individual has also vomited or has had possibly blood or any other fluids around the mouth area.

(1.3) Describe suitable first aid equipment, including personal protection, and how it is used appropriately.

Gloves – this is to stop infection and any skin to skin contact, these should be disposed of correctly after use. New gloves should be used every time you need to use them, as cross contamination can case infections etc.

Plasters, Bandages and Slings – these should be kept in a sterile packaging ensuring the first aid equipment is clean before use. Both plasters and bandages can come in all shapes and sizes and again should be disposed of correctly after use, bandages should be applied correctly to the individual as if done to lose it can allow infections and if to tight it can cause loss of blood circulation. With slings you need to make sure that they have been applied correctly as there would be no use for them, if the sling was done to lose then the individual would be gaining no support from the sling. On the other hand if the sling was done to tightly then there is a chance likewise to bandages that you can cause loss of blood circulation to the arm for example.

Sterile Water, Wipes – these are used to clean any laceration, cut or other injury. For example it will get rid of any foreign objects such as grit and dirt which could be inside an injury.

Scissors – there should be a pair of scissors, preferably cloth scissors in case you would need to remove some clothing from the individual such as their jeans to allow access to the injured area

Mouth Masks - As I stated earlier this can be used to minimise infection and to eliminate skin to skin contact and also makes giving mouth to mouth resuscitation easier if there is fluid around the mouth area or within the mouth itself.

(1.4) Identified what information needs to be included in an accident report/incident record and to record it.

When recording information for an accident or incident you need to remember to include the person who was injurers name and the person who applied first aid to the individual. You would also need to record the time and date of the injury and exactly what had happened. What the injuries were and what treatment was given, you would also need to state if there were any witnesses.

(1.5) Defined an infant and a child for the purpose of first aid treatment.

When carrying out first aid it differs according to different ages, regarding a child which is classed as (0-1 years) to how you would treat an infant aged (1+ years). An example of how age depends on what first aid treatment you give could be when you would give them CPR.

(7.1) Describe how to recognise and manage an...
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