First Adventure to the Big Apple

Topics: New York City, Broadway theatre, Dance Pages: 2 (783 words) Published: July 20, 2008
First Adventure to the Big Apple
Looking out the window of the taxi cab, at all the skyscrapers and crowds of people rushing to reach their destination, I realized that this is New York City, a completely different world then I had ever experienced. Day or night, there are cars honking, people talking, and music playing. Getting out of the cab, walking down Broadway Street for the first time, being part of the city’s madness felt so exhilarating. On every corner the smell of Starbucks would fill me lungs and glowing signs would seem to follow me saying, “Read me.” Finally, I arrived at the American Place Theatre, where I would perform and tap dance off-Broadway, in a show called Break the Floor. I had received a scholarship a couple months before to come to New York and be in this show, so I quickly accepted and was on my way to being in my first off-Broadway show. Walking through the doors of this very old, run-down theatre, not knowing anyone, I spotted the director, Gil Stroming who greeted me with open arms reassuring me to not be nervous and made me feel very relaxed. I soon found the beauty in that ugly theatre. The smell of dirty dance shoes attacked me and I could hear the tapping of people’s tap shoes. Everyone began rushing around frantically trying to get prepared for the show. Rehearsals were extremely intense, and we would spend all day in the theatre for a week trying to perfect all of our dance moves. Towards the middle of the week, my frustrations heightened and all of my dance teachers could see that. The one tap teacher approached me and reassured me that I was doing a great job. It made me feel good about myself, all my frustrations seemed to disappear, and I began to really enjoy my experience in New York. Being apart of this production really made me see how much work it takes to put on a good show and how much I truly love being part of the show.

When the day arrived for the actual performance, I walked nervously to that...
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