Tech Theatre College Essay

Topics: Theatre, Gaze, Sound Pages: 2 (396 words) Published: October 21, 2008
Behind the Scenes

“Crew call after school, be there or be square” the posted announcement said. I still remember fairly vividly the initial day starting off as a theatre technician. Learning the procedure and getting acquainted with the people were many of the first things I did. Many of the experienced “techies,” as we called them explained to me the method they built sets and how to program the lighting console. Using power tools and saws were fun but planning and executing each step was the best part about it. Many mistakes were made while I was learning but time allowed me to develop and enhance my abilities.

Now a new challenge came as I had been given the duty of technical director, which meant I had to manage all the aspects of a theatrical production such as lighting the stage, researching sound effects, building sets, gathering and making props, designing and sewing costumes, publicizing the show and lastly managing the finances. The first meeting we had was with our director and what he wanted for our production. I could not fathom the responsibilities I just assumed. Timidly, I kept on looking down at my notepad and taking note after note, naive. Also, viewing the portfolio of previously designed shows, there was a superior standard I had to help every crew attain before we presented the show. Many of the sets that have been done before paid much attention to color, detail, proportions and the principles of flawlessness. I thought to myself, “I have quite a big challenge ahead of me.” After the run of the show, the gaze and awe of the audience members exclaiming that they had gone to a Broadway quality show, gives me the great sense of pride and joy that I had done my part of the work to give these people a good time.

Technical Theatre has shown me to become more responsible and orderly in everything that I do. My communication skills have improved due to the fact that in order to get resources for my profession, it was extremely important...
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