Find A Place For Homosexual In Islamic Society

Topics: Homosexuality, Sodomy law, Gender Pages: 3 (767 words) Published: April 21, 2015
Find a place for homosexual in Islamic society
Man Li

Homosexuality has become an inevitable issue in Islamic society. The majority of Islamic authorities and Muslims asserted that homosexual is forbidden under the Qur’an. While I insisted that it is possible to find a place for homosexual in Islamic society.

According to the Al-Kaba’ir (the major sins), there are three sins related to homosexuality: #11 Homosexuality (sodomy), #33 Woman's imitating man and man's imitating woman and #56 Men's wearing silk and gold. Liwat (anal intercourse between men) as the #11 sin, emphasize the improper behavior (sex between males) not the love between same-sex.

However, Scholars interpret this sin out of context, anal sex is not the only way to express the love between two males. Moreover, Muslims like Muhsin Hendricks won’t do this improper behavior under the explicit forbidden doctrine.

One of the Islamic Scholars, Maulana A.K. Hoosen, mentioned in the film “No person can make interpretations to suit his desires, or her desires”. Since Qur’an cannot be interpreted by personal understanding, why homosexuality cannot be accepted without an explicit doctrine that indicates this inborn emotion is forbidden? Nowadays, it seems like Qur’an has already been transcript by those authorities. They are the person who are following their own wishes and judging people’s behaviors by their own values. The forbidden of homosexuality in modern Muslim society is origins from Authorities not Qur’an.

The bias of homosexuality made the majority couldn’t accept this consensual relationship. How to interpret homosexuality in Islamic society is a key concept for people to understand and accept this phenomenon. Like Ali mentioned in her article ”Although most Muslims would acknowledge that sexual activity between persons of the same sex exists in Muslim-majority societies, this concession is frequently accompanied by an insistence that homosexuality is “western” or...

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